Business Areas

Ferrologic Analytics

Ferrologic has vast practical experience in helping our customers with efficient data and information supply, and from a Swedish perspective we have unique understanding of business integration, data integration and analytics, including advanced analytics and business intelligence.

We always work in an operations-driven manner and in very close cooperation with the customer. We have long experience in paving the way for innovation, efficiency and swiftness using modern working methods, forms of cooperation and technical aids.

Our analytics team consists of very senior business-driven consultants who are comfortable in the borderland between the customer’s business operations and practical IT. We are a strong mix of experts within analytics, business intelligence and data warehouse.

We also constantly work to develop and share our know-how. This results in a strong team that continuously contributes new knowledge and that is passionate about sharing that know-how both internally and externally to customers and the industry.  Knowledge.Shared. is of central importance for Ferrologic Analytics. The desire to develop new knowledge and subsequently share it permeates our organization, our recruitment and our working method. This is something that our customers value and notice in their encounters with our generous, committed and knowledgeable consultants.

Ferrologic Enterprise Design

In the Enterprise Design business area, we have vast experience in helping our customers reach their business objectives while moving towards their vision. We help our customers develop their operations on the basis of strategic issues, competitive situation, needs, decision support and relevant business information. We work both strategically and operatively to generate profitable growth for our customers. We support our customers’ management process simply and clearly.

Within innovation, we are specialized in business innovation, service innovation, soft products and open innovation. We help customers develop entirely new customer offers and renew their working methods by involving the customer’s customers, suppliers and other players in the innovation and production process. We are accustomed to working to reduce complexity. We focus on what creates value for current or future customers.

Operational development, enterprise modeling, leading workshops, specifying operational requirements and implementing change management are our areas of specialization in Enterprise Design. Work often pertains to elucidating concepts, measuring and streamlining processes, shortening lead times and improving quality. We can also help specify requirements in conjunction with development or procurement as well as with business integration of IT solutions.

Ferrologic Connected Business

Business processes generally comprise several functions and departments within organizations, and thus also various IT systems and ultimately customers and suppliers. Our solid understanding of business in combination with in-depth technical expertise means we are well equipped to produce solutions to support these processes in a short amount of time. This results in improved ability to monitor operations, increased flexibility and more adaptability to the surroundings, which results in cost reductions and shorter time to market.

In Connected Business we design and develop IT support for business processes that span several systems. We do this by first setting up a scalable and robust integration architecture, and then developing integration between the relevant systems in a structured manner, always with the customer’s operations in focus.

Our expertise also comprises other substantial integration-related areas such the best way of organizing integration – in other words setting up integration competence centers (ICC), assessing integration platforms and outsourcing integration-related functions.

Strategic Analytics

The business area Strategic Analytics focus on customers who put their analytical capability high on their strategic agenda. Digitalization makes the capability to maximize the business value out of information a competitive advantage. It is not enough to gather data, buy expensive applications and employ a statistician to achieve this.

To quickly take maximum advantage of information a knowledge driven organization must ensure that the organization itself has a good analytical capability. What does that mean? It means the ability to analyze information that you trust and be confident enough to act on the analytical result. Often to much effort is placed on buying software that promise to handle this automatically. The right software is important, but it is the right combination of competence, organization, architecture (system and information) the builds the whole organization’s analytical capability.

Ferrologic Strategic Analytics can help any organization to a state where analytical capability is a well integrated part of that organization’s business. This include things like:
• Goal and strategy for information, analysis and big data
• Strategic advice
• Detailed experienced based roadmaps
• Education (data scientists, managers and decision makers)
• Specialist recruitment of data scientist
Expert consulting and resource reinforcement within analysis and information handling is described in the business area Analytics