Business Concept

In our markets and focus areas, Ferrologic is to be a leading local supplier with focus on business development, operational development and IT, as well as innovation, transformation and implementation


  • Nordic region
  • Benelux

Our focus areas are:

  • Innovation, business development, operational development and IT
  • Process design (Astrakan, lean) and information design (direct method)
  • Mobility (API, architecture) and business process management systems (BPMS)
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and integration (ESB, B2B, EAI, BAM, BPM)
  • Business intelligence (ETL, DW, BI) and business analytics (statistical analysis)

Locally leading supplier by:

  • Conducting business strategy and operational development, with a focus on business
  • Leading change management projects for operations and IT, with a focus on business processes and information management
  • With a high degree of specialization, offering sound know-how, high quality and short time to market for the projects and solutions we deliver
  • Combining domain expertise with platform know-how from leading software vendors, thereby producing industry-leading IT solutions
  • Offering a combination of local experts and personnel from our EU partners in other countries for a customized delivery team
  • Offering cost-efficient turnkey deliveries within projects, management and support