ARIS Health Check

Our ARIS Health Check is a consulting engagement that is comprised of standard offerings.. The aim is to review an organization’s existing implementation and use of the ARIS to ensure you are achieving your objectives and maximum value from your investment. ARIS Health Check is a risk-free way to map current solution and architecture to business needs. ARIS Health Check also brings in valuable information for future road mapping and opportunities for securing agile solution support for corporate initiatives.


Ensure you are getting the most from your investment in ARIS and achieving your desired outcomes.


The engagement summarizes the findings and recommendations of the engagement structured in accordance with the deliverables outlined below. Structure is always customer specific using Ferrologic’s best practices as the basis of the study. Below you find our ARIS Health Check standard offering engagement:
• Current State Capability Assessment (Capability usage, Potential usage)
• Process Excellence Vision (Confirmation of stakeholder requirements, Definition of Target Solution)
• Technical & Method Review (Technical Landscape, Methods/Conventions & Content, Database Management, Publication, Governance)
• Roadmap (Foundation stones and Key Enablers, Building Target Capability, Recommendations Summary)
• Quick Wins (What should your organization be doing different today)
• Business Case (Value Assessment, Implementation options)


Normally the ARIS Health Check is a shorter engagement with about 10-15 days but pending on the organizations size and ARIS deployment.