• A silent (and deadly) error in Webmethods

    Nothing causes me more distress as a developer than libraries which silently fails. Unfortunately this is exactly what I experienced a few weeks ago, although this time the culprit was not a shady library in alpha status, fetched from the back alley of the net, but the framework I based my work on. Some background I was doing work for a client, who had a set of commodity functions in their own “utilities” folder. Among these commodity functions was their own wrapper for Hashtable. Since … Läs mer
  • Deep cloning in Angular

    On our latest project written in Angular, a co-worker of mine was faced with a problem which caught my attention. I decided to dive a bit deeper into it, as well as researching the reasons behind this behaviour and possible solutions. The problem On a certain part of the application the user was presented with data on a table. The table was constructed by utilizing an ng-repeat, which iterated over a list of elements consisting of a somewhat complicated nested structure. I don’t want … Läs mer