Experienced Operational Developer and Modeler

We are looking for someone who appreciates the inexhaustible and stimulating challenge of bridging the gap between operations and IT. With a point of departure in operations and from a management perspective, you are motivated to create models and requirements for efficient IT and business integration. Process modeling and information modeling in creative workshops form the foundation of our business. You must enjoy combining powerful methods with pragmatic and results-oriented application. You are very familiar with the holistic approach within operations architecture and business-driven IT development (enterprise architecture). We also prefer that you command one of the leading EA tools that support professional management of various assets in the life cycle, from strategy and objectives to implemented processes with follow up of results.

Working for us means you will be part of developing a leading design center where, based on the organization’s commitment and requirements, we will produce a sustainable information architecture and smart business processes. Since we practice what we preach, we prefer to work with modern repository-based modeling tools (such as ARIS, Enterprise Architect, Oracle BPA Suite, etc.), which sharpen and simplify quality control, recycling and management of produced models and patterns.

Ferrologic comprises the entire chain from modeling to technical integration and implementation of the represented solutions. We believe you are also motivated by taking part in the entire chain from idea to practical implementation for all of our interesting customers.

Please send your application to info@ferrologic.se and write ”Application for Operational Developer” on the application.