• IoT in Container terminal

    The customer is one of the largest container operators of the Antwerp port of Belgium. They offer a wide range of high-quality container services Läs mer
  • Open Banking PSD2

    The customer is providing digital solutions to European banks. EU’s Payment Services Directive PSD2 is creating a need to open-up the company’s system portfolio, so that the members can access their own data, through well-defined, stable, secure and robust APIs. Läs mer
  • IoT Management

    The Internet of Things is born through the connection of Things, People and Systems. Internet of things is a way to leverage the possibility to connect devices, collect data and create business value of the information through analytics and visualization. Läs mer
  • PaaS for agile digitalization

    Ferrologic’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering supports the agility and innovation you need for a successful digital business. Designed to support the back-bone for your digital transformation journey, a number of components for application integration, cloud integration, B2B, API, MDM and BPM, delivered as a service by Ferrologic in the cloud or on-premise, allows any organisation to engage in an agile approach to integration. Above picture from The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration For Enterprises, Q4 2016 The PaaS Advantage Leading products for Application … Läs mer
  • Recycled Knowledge

    A large automobile manufacturer faced the challenge of knowledge being possessed by individual employees, which resulted in major delays since the individuals were frequently those who were the busiest. It could take several weeks to gain access to their know-how and book a meeting with them. Läs mer
  • Outsourcing Integration

    The customer was experiencing instability and unpredictable performance in the common integration platform. Interruptions and disruptions in the central business flows were occurring with unacceptable frequency as a result. Läs mer
  • Mobile Business Intelligence

    The general recommendation when producing a mobile decision-support solution, especially if it is the first attempt, is to start on a small scale and find something that generates value quickly. Ferrologic had the first functioning version in place after three weeks. Läs mer
  • BI and DW Strategy

    Finansinspektionen placed higher demands on reports than the type of reports that the insurance company’s system could generate. Ferrologic’s analysis resulted in a report with a number of proposed measures that are now being implemented. Läs mer
  • Migration of Integration Solution

    The customer’s integration platform was about to lose supplier support. There were also new demands on functionality and performance. Ferrologic helped the company with the migration to a new platform. Läs mer
  • Information Management

    A telecom operator with operations in many different countries had local CRM systems and concept definitions in each country. We helped the company create common definitions before implementing a new system. Läs mer
  • Customer Data Management

    We helped a leading Swedish media group produce a coordinated customer image and a streamlined process for advertising sales, with reduced costs as a result. One objective was to improve monitoring and data quality. Läs mer
  • More Efficient Integration

    For various reasons, an integration initiative at a company sometimes does not achieve the expected results in the different areas. Ferrologic can help produce a plan for reaching a better situation. Läs mer
  • Upgraded Integration

    Platforms for integration offer a number of advantages for organizations that invest in this type of technology. When properly run, the platform will serve as a well functioning infrastructure component for many years. Läs mer
  • Enterprise Design

    Enterprise design comprises both operations and IT. The organization’s business processes and information needs form the basis for a operations-driven definition of requirements. IT understands where operations are headed and can create the resources needed to effectively satisfy operational needs. Läs mer
  • Strategy for data platforms, Analytics and BI

    Many companies’ vision of a DW is that it should be company-wide and function as a strategic and long-term information platform. Ferrologic helped an insurance company approach its objective. Läs mer
  • Business Processes and Basic Data

    Do employees work in several IT systems and bring information from these together manually? Doing so is time consuming, the quality of data easily suffers and the risk of error caused by the human factor is prevalent. Läs mer
  • Onboarding and Offboarding Employees

    A great deal of productive time can be saved by streamlining the process of onboarding and offboarding employees when employees join or leave the organization. It can also be a decisive security issue. Läs mer
  • Enterprise Mobility

    Modern companies are expected to be available via mobile devices. But which infrastructure solution and strategy are best? Ferrologic has helped market-leading companies with this. Läs mer
  • Developing and Benefiting from EA

    Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended? Developing and benefiting from EA pertains to supporting operations and IT during the process of developing a well-functioning enterprise architecture. We have several architectural perspectives in our service offering: Business architecture – BMC Operations architecture – Astrakan Information architecture – Direct, DW, BI Technical architecture – ToGAF System architecture – RUP Operational architecture – ITIL Project and Management What can we achieve and what are our focus areas? Ferrologic’s … Läs mer
  • Mobile Business Intelligence

    Even if a company’s regular BI solutions are well-integrated in the business, data quickly becomes out-of-date in paper reports and presentations, which results in companies sometimes presenting data which no longer conforms to reality. Läs mer