Why Ferrologic

World-Class Company

Ferrologic as an organization blends professionalism, competence and modesty. This enables us to achieve a long-term perspective in our customer relationships and have employees who enjoy their job and choose to stay a long time. We select our employees with care to ensure they will be happy with us and thrive, at the same time they are to perform in accordance with both our and our customers demands and expectations. Working at Ferrologic should be fun, challenging and instructive. And together we are to be adept at understanding the challenges faced by our customers and be able to offer the best possible solutions for dealing with these.

Characteristic of Ferrologic

Overall objectives:

  • We are to be a prioritized supplier to our customers
  • We are to supply great value for the money
  • We are to be a very interesting employer


  • We are pleasant, modest and competent
  • We help each other
  • We aim to achieve balance in our every day lives between work and free time


  • Everyone who works for us is to be involved
  • No one is to feel isolated
  • The individual, team and company are all important


  • The company is to help its employees
  • Employees are to help the company
  • Employees and the company are to help the customer


  • Doing business with us is to be easy
  • We make an effort to avoid misunderstanding
  • We communicate clearly


  • We enjoy learning, are curious and stay one step ahead
  • We are good at transforming knowledge into recyclable concepts
  • Training and self-improvement are part of our corporate culture


  • All employees aim to improve and develop
  • Individual goals are set based on qualifications and wishes
  • We put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring the right type of competence in the delivery


  • Level of quality must be at the right level based on objectives and need
  • We match the customer’s needs with individual skill for the best possible delivery
  • We recycle and share knowledge