Enterprise Mobility

Situation and Challenge

All modern companies today are expected to be available via mobile devices. Forging closer ties with customers, establishing a longer-term and more profitable relationship and streamlining interaction by making information available via mobile devices are common reasons for making mobile investments. Future mobile solutions will be data driven and use cloud APIs. A successful mobile investment entails developing solutions in the front-end and back-end in a secure, scalable and integrated manner. Companies are at different stages of mobility. Some have not started, some have not come very far and some are professionals. Below are some common issues.

Required skills – problems with implementation

The concept is new and we need more experience and expertise to determine the implementation strategy. We realize that mobile services can offer new opportunities and reduce costs, but we cannot see a usage area that applies to us. We cannot just make up an application. Business requirements for quick deliveries and low costs make it difficult to set up an infrastructure of our own and to produce our own solution. Purchasing an infrastructure solution seems attractive, but what should we buy? What path should we choose? Risk including external exposure of data and functionality are unknown or difficult to assess, which makes getting or giving the go-ahead difficult.

What is the strategically right way to go?

Knowledge: assembling all stakeholders and mustering strength around experiences in mobility investments, concepts and strategy for implementation. Establish consensus in your organization for the area.

Business case: identify mobile opportunities in your business processes and how these can entail increased value, as well the estimated cost for implementation.

Implementation: recycle already existing commercial solutions and integrate them with internal solutions. Make the solution scalable and secure.

Security: perform a risk analysis based on your security requirements that comprises the solution design and implementation proposal.

We have done this before

We have experience from market-leading companies that have invested in mobility in their fields:

Swedish bank; the challenge involved implementing a mobile bank and progressing from a definition of requirements to a secure, scalable and integrated solution for business-critical transactions for the bank’s customers.

Insurance company, property and liability insurance; the challenge involved setting up a platform for communication with mobile devices and cloud APIs that could be recycled by internal projects. It was a matter of not re-inventing the wheel.