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If you are interested in Open Innovation Ferrologic has the right experiences and tools to support any initiative.

In collaboration with SoftwareAG Ferrologic is launching an Open Innovation campaign before the SoftwareAG Innovation Day on the 21:th of November.

The campaign is open for everybody, but in order to win Samsung prize and meet the other innovators we encourage you to sign up for the SoftwareAG conference at their website.

The campaign is open between October 27 to November 9.

Click to activate your personal account

After activation, submit your ideas to the campaign, discuss and evaluate other peers’ ideas and follow how an idea evolves into an innovation. Log in and check it out!

Go to open Innovation Campaign

If you want detailed instruction about the campaign, please download our manual.

Don’t hesitate to contact us ( in case you have any questions!


  • A minute of your time will give you access to hundreds of other participants and their insights.
  • Adding your photo to your profile will enrich communication.
  • Achieving a positive and giving innovation environment is about a constructive and positive participation.

Welcome to innovate: explore, share, comment, vote and win!

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