Forms of Delivery

Operations and IT – Transformation and Implementation

Ferrologic works with a focus on operations and IT. We help our customer transform their operations on the basis of new objectives. We break down objectives into requirements and implement IT solutions that are in tune with business objectives.

Functional Commitment

Functional commitment entails Ferrologic assuming responsibility for an entire function in the customer’s organization. The customer gives us overall responsibility for managing and developing system integration, business intelligence or enterprise architecture. The advantage of a functional commitment is that we can run everything more efficiently, at the same time that we also take a greater share of the risk. Based on the customer’s requirements and needs, we estimate the scope of the delivery and set up an organization that can more efficiently meet the strategic objective.

Project Commitment

A project commitment entails Ferrologic assuming responsibility for a project from start to finish. We can assume responsibility for an entire project or certain aspects of it. Our vast experience of working on projects within operations and IT in various industries helps us discover challenges and limit any risks that may exist in the project.

Expert Resources

Ferrologic can offer cutting edge expertise within a wide range of different industries and processes. Our experience is invaluable when helping customers solve a problem that they otherwise lack the time or expertise to resolve on their own. We offer the following specialist roles within our focus areas of system integration, business intelligence and enterprise design

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Architect and Designer
  • Developer
  • Analyst/Statistician
  • Testing Manager and Testers
  • Mentor/Expert
  • Trainer