BI and DW Strategy


An insurance company needed help surveying its existing data warehouse environment. A couple of years earlier they had deployed a new data warehouse solution and were now faced with a number of issues and challenges. One challenge was that the Solvency II Directive had to be implemented.

The directive places higher quality demands on data sources, but above all it brings a greater need to generate reports for Finansinspektionen, the Swedish financial supervisory authority. The existing data warehouse solution also only supported a few of the company’s areas of activity. Company management wanted a solution that could provide decision support from all areas of operations. The question was whether the existing data warehouse solution could be expanded to include additional areas of activity.


The assignment was conducted in three different steps:

  1. Training and business intelligence Raise the level of knowledge on data warehouses and assist with decision for new strategy.
  2. Problem inventory and needs analysis Interviews with several key individuals to identify potential problems as well as existing and future needs.
  3. Analysis, conclusions and recommendations Compilation and analysis of obtained information, and on the basis of this make recommendations.


The assignment resulted in a report containing a description of the current situation, the identified problems and needs, an analysis and recommended measures. The customer could thereafter start several projects to implement the suggested measures.