Customer Data Management


Within the space of eleven months (nine of which comprised the implementation project), we helped a leading media house produce a coordinated customer image and a streamlined process for advertising sales, with reduced lead times and costs as a result. Other desired benefits included producing better monitoring, ability to more quickly bring new subsidiaries into the group, improved data quality and more loosely coupled systems.


The main challenge, however, concerned customer management with several systems, unclear rules, master structures, etc. The assignment included implementation of modeling and design of information and processes all the way to introduction of a customer management solution (MDM solution) based on SOA and BPM. The project involved around twenty employees from management and advertising sales, and included representatives for both operations and IT.


The assignment resulted in an IT solution being deployed on schedule in a loosely coupled architecture. The solution is based on sensible information models and standardized services, which are used by a process repository for orchestrating, process management, work flow for people and business activity monitoring. Connections to a distributed and heterogeneous IT structure were created via an ESB. The architecture enables recycling, gradual phase-out of outdated systems, increased flexibility in the processes and improved monitoring. One important effect was that all manual duplicate registration and the associated quality-related problems could be eliminated.