Information Management


The challenge faced by the telecom operator involved formulating common definitions before its more advanced customer management was in place. Several of the group’s CRM systems were obstructing implementation and monitoring. Common information definitions and consensus were needed to achieve a uniform structure and to be able to implement a framework. An information management process also needed to be implemented.


During implementation, a great deal of focus was placed on establishing an operations-driven approach. The project worked on the basis of semi-finished elements and the operator’s data in semi-finished models that were prepared before workshops.


The project was delivered in different iterations with well-delimited domain areas in each iteration. The following was set up in the project:

  • An information management process for both IT and business aspects
  • A metamodel consisting of an information model – dimension model – data model – physical model
  • Role definitions for Business Entity Owner, Data Steward, Data Maintainer and Data Custodian