Open Banking PSD2


The customer is a large Bank Service Provider providing digital solutions to a number of European banks. The company is owned by its financial members, which are also its customers. The upcoming EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 is creating a need to open-up the company’s system portfolio, so that the members can access their own data, through some well-defined, stable, secure and robust APIs.

The open APIs will create
– increased flexibility and shorter “time to market” when the members develop their own systems, that uses their own data from backend systems hosted by the company
– the foundation for the members, to quickly and effectively, develop and create their own innovative solutions, on top of exposed APIs by the company
– a foundation of well-defined, stable, secure and robust APIs, to be used internally by the company when developing new innovative solutions


The scope for the project is to implement an API management (APIM) solution and governance. This in order to make API’s visible, ease of use for members and other external customers, to control and maintain exposed API and to control, monitor and secure the traffic in runtime mode.

The implementation is focusing on
– API architecture
– Infrastructure
– APIM Platform
– Back end interfaces
– APIM platform set up best practices
– Set up of API Security model with IAM-platform
– API design guidelines
– APIM platform administration
– APIM platform roadmap
– Go live with developer portal
– Go live with fintech pilot


A working APIM solution and governance covering API Management, API Developer portal and an API Gateway.

Benfits will be:
– Well-structured, well-documented, robust and secure APIs
– Reuse of APIs
– Easy access and overview of APIs
– Service and support for exposed APIs
– Each member has its own control and analytical capabilities
– A security model with a holistic approach across channels