Recycled Knowledge


A large automobile manufacturer faced the challenge of knowledge being possessed by individual employees, which resulted in major delays since the individuals were frequently those who were the busiest. It could take several weeks to gain access to their know-how and book a meeting with them. The required know-how included everything from what the process looked like to how different systems were integrated and what the database for a specific system looked like. The organization spent a lot of time in meetings instead of working to resolve their tasks, which resulted in inefficiency.


A model repository (EA repository) was designed, and a management process was set up for approving models and moving them to the common component. This helped improve the quality of the models and made them available to others in the organization. The models were also published on the company’s intranet to make them easily accessible. Many models quickly became mission critical and were used by a wide variety of departments.


The result was that projects could recycle common models that described the knowledge, which resulted in less dependency on specific individuals. This also led to shorter delivery times and higher quality. At meetings, it was easy to pull up an appropriate model on the screen and personally find the needed information. By linking models to other sources of information, the models became a hub when looking for information.