Solution for Onboarding and Offboarding Employees


The telecom operator has many employees, and employee turnover is relatively high. Administration of user rights is an important aspect of an employee becoming quickly productive. There was a desire to minimize lead times for access to systems, work place equipment and other resources when employees start at or leave the company and when changing jobs internally. The aim of the project was to migrate the old solution for access management to a new modern BPMS, and at the same time produce a new general BPMS architecture and guidelines for future BPMS utilization at the company. One of the challenges is that a large amount of knowledge is possessed by a small number of employees and that documentation is outdated.


Analyzed the current solution and produced a new and improved design, consolidated superfluous parts and defined common components. Recycled design of services, processes and GUIs when possible. Integrated a new solution from Microsoft called FIM to further automate the “grant system access” process.

The project’s delivery consists of the following comprehensive aspects: A platform for executing processes, a framework for managing tickets and roles/groups and a GUI framework for a portal-based solution.

Specific processes for accessing systems, workspace equipment and personal equipment when onboarding and offboarding employees.


The result was a solution divided into the following parts:

  • Stable BPMS platform and architecture
  • Information model with all user and access information
  • 10-15 automated process models
  • Services for managing all logic and database interaction
  • A permissions engine to manage all manual interaction with the processes
  • Graphical user interfaces for end users
  • Monitoring of both the BPMS platform and execution of processes