Statistics Portal


The City of Stockholm wanted to streamline and modernize its statistics portal so that more of its residents could access the statistics that are compiled on them. The assignment was conducted on behalf of the City of Stockholm together with our customer, Sweco Eurofutures.

One challenge involved developing a solution that was appropriate both for more experienced users and less experienced users of statistics and to arouse interest in statistics on Stockholm.

In the previous solution, text and Excel files were read using SAS Institute’s solution, and then transformed and checked before being loaded into Oracle databases. The statistics were presented on the Internet using an application in .asp that was designed in-house. Consequently, another challenge involved simplifying administration and proceeding from a solution based on several platforms to a single platform, thus saving licensing costs.


A preliminary study was performed to ascertain existing needs. On the basis of the needs and requirements, a web solution was produced based entirely on the SAS platform. As previously, raw data is read, transformed and checked, but now it is stored in SAS instead of Oracle. The greatest change was made in the step from database to web, and how data is presented on the web. To obtain a flexible web solution that can easily be applied to other municipalities, for example, a generic data model was created that can easily be built upon.

The web solution consists of a SAS portal together with SAS BI Dashboards and SAS Stored Processes. To achieve uniformity, the portal was integrated into the customer’s existing CMS system. Since the project was performed in close cooperation with the customer, knowledge transfer was continuous and the handoff at the end of the project was smooth.


A great deal of emphasis was placed on the new solution being more visual and on the statistics being easy to access for people unaccustomed to statistics, at the same time that those who are interested can delve into them more deeply. We produced a solution with a modern and dynamic layout that presents official statistics on the City of Stockholm’s website. Both time and money can now be saved thanks to the restructuring of the underlying data management. Ferrologic also took care of the solution design, technical project management, specialist expertise for the SAS platform and training and mentoring of Sweco’s employees.

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