Business Analytics

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Business analytics (BA) is a combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes that are used by organizations to gain insight into their business using data and statistics. Business analytics is used to evaluate the entire organization’s operations or parts of it such as sales, marketing, product development and customer service.

Using data, statistics and quantitative analysis, explanatory or predictive models can be developed and used as the basis for different types of decisions. The analyses can be used as the basis for human decisions or for fully automated decisions.

Business analytics is closely related to business intelligence, but whereas BI answers questions about what happened, how many, how often, etc., BA answers questions about why something happened, what will happen if the trends continue, what will happen next (predict) or what is the best that can happen (optimize).

There are many examples of how BA can be used in a business to make it stronger, better or more efficient. In market analysis, business analytics can help improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by identifying relevant target groups and continuously monitoring how effective the various campaigns are.

Localizing customers with fraudulent behavior or calculating the risk for a loan not being paid back are examples of BA in risk analysis.

What can we achieve and what are our focus areas?

Ferrologic offers a number of different services as well as several bundled offers in business analytics.

  • BA strategies
  • Road map to the analytical company
  • Modeling for analytical processes
  • Project management
  • Procurement support
  • Statistical and analytical services
  • Courses: Applied Business Analytics, step 1 and 2, Data/Decision Scientist
  • Additional Resources
    • Customer Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Business Analytics
    • BA-specific Project Management

Our tool expertise is primarily within SAS®Software, MicroStrategy, Roambi, Teradata, QlikView, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft.

How do we work?

We have senior consultants with vast experience to help our customers with BA services.