Business Strategy and Operational Development

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

In simple terms, it concerns answering the question:
– Where do we want to go and how can we get there?

Ferrologic has vast experience in helping its customers reach their business objectives while moving towards their vision. We assist our customers to develop their operations on the basis of strategic issues, competitive landscape, decision support and relevant business information.

What can we achieve and what are our focus areas?

Our consultants work both on a strategic and operative level to generate profitable growth for our customers. We have a powerful set of tools to help you better structure your operations, business objectives, strategies and organization. We can support your management process simply and clearly. Some areas in which we have good references:

  • Profitability analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Business innovation
  • Customer offering and service development
  • Service bundling and soft products
  • Customer-driven development processes
  • Change management
  • Growth strategies
  • Management audits

How do we work?

We have the capacity to work the entire way from idea to implementation in most areas. With our expertise in enterprise design, business intelligence and business integration, we have what it takes to set up required the support needed.