Open Innovation

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Taking advantage of innovative ideas can be a prerequisite for an organization’s development and ability to survive in the long term. The challenge involves establishing a culture at the company that stimulates innovation and contributes to the company’s long-term development. This service is intended for people who want to establish innovation as a natural part of daily operations in the organization.

What can be achieved with innovation?

The world is changing at an increasingly faster pace. New technology impacts us, and we need to take advantage of new opportunities. Keeping up may seem difficult. Innovation is frequently used in product development, but less so outside the development department. There might be suggestion boxes, and improvements might sometimes be encouraged and implemented based on the suggestions. The number of suggestions in the suggestion box is often low. It can seem like know-how in the organization and employees’ innovation capability are only partially utilized. In large organizations, we need help processing thousands of innovative ideas, which is why we cooperate with Hype Innovation, a leader in the field. Hype makes it possible to work with innovation in the same manner as in social media and to work with open innovation.

How do we work?

For successful innovation, the following aspects need to be observed:

  • Management must be involved in innovation and encourage it
  • The culture has to stimulate innovation and create the conditions needed for it
  • To achieve the intended benefit, a process is needed which focuses on the strategic areas where the organization needs help with new ideas
  • A chief innovation officer (CINO) should be appointed
  • Long-term innovation presupposes constantly safeguarding a culture that encourages individuals to share their ideas and that provides encouragement
  • Manage criteria for assessing ideas from several perspectives
  • Ability to measure to what the outcome of innovation will lead
  • Communicate instances of innovation within the company
  • Campaign-based innovation for strategic areas generates focus for what is important in the organization

We have done this before

Our partnership relationship with Hype Innovation gives us access to many reference customers.