Business Development with Processes

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Operational development can have several aims – streamlining, shorter lead times and quality improvement, or a management system might be needed. Depending on the purpose, a combination of tools is used to achieve a change.

This service is intended for people who want to implement changes and who have the mandate to to do so.

What type of business development can be achieved.

Since business development concerns change, it is important to have a working method that supports change management. Streamlining administrative processes can frequently result in an efficiency improvement of 50-200%, at the same time that lead times can be cut in half or more. Developing a management system often leads to improvements since inefficiencies in operational processes come to light. Remember that this is not a one-off project; rather, the objective is to obtain constant improvement. Operations should aim to make minor improvements constantly and to assess them over time.

How do we work?

We use several different tools. The results are used to communicate and decide upon changes.

  • Management must be involved in operational development and encourage it
  • The organization’s culture and the desired result impact how we choose to work
  • We prefer to start with an overall picture of the organization and measure within the various parts so we can propose where the greatest potential for improvement is.
  • A value chain analysis can be performed for selected processes to identify resource consumption and lead times.
  • Presentation of life cycle as a means to communicate the totality and where problems lie creates consensus
  • Simulate process improvements and calculate which improvements provide the best business benefit/results improvement.
  • We lead/help with change management so that results are achieved.

We have done this before

We have helped customers with this. In the finance sector, we helped a company improve efficiency (60% in six months) and achieve shorter lead times (from 1-3 weeks), which resulted in sales increasing by 50% without costs increasing.