Business Intelligence Course

Course Objectives

After completing the theoretical aspects, participants will

  • be aware of common challenges related to data warehouses, based on our experience with other customers.
  • be aware of concepts such as big data, operational BI, in-memory-based technology and many more.
  • gain an overview of how far other companies and industries have advanced within business intelligence and data warehouses.

Course Description

Many organizations need to improve the general level of training and competence within business intelligence and data warehouses in order to obtain a common platform and conceptual world for DW/BI.

Consequently, Ferrologic has put together a general BI/DW course that will address the background to BI/DW and discuss architecture, trends and opportunities. The course includes the following aspects:

  • Why have a data warehouse?
  • What characterizes a data warehouse? (for example, what differentiates a data warehouse from an operative transaction system)
  • Central concepts
  • System architecture versus technical platform
  • Information architecture
  • Surroundings, trends, opportunities
    • Self-service
    • In-memory-based technology
    • Big data
    • Analytics
    • Mobile BI (big data, small screens)
    • Operational BI
    • Management: Manage information as an asset. How is this done in practice?

Target Group

The course is primarily intended for individuals in leading positions who encounter BI/DW systems in various ways, but who do not have specific know-how in the field. The length of the course can vary between 2 and 4 hours depending on the scope and content, and can be adapted to suit your specific needs.