Service-Oriented Architecture

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural pattern and development principle that focuses on recycling components when creating new systems and solutions. New system support can be produced by invoking and orchestrating services to implement various tasks.

Ferrologic’s service-oriented architecture service is primarily aimed at people in the organization interested in determining how SOA as an architectural pattern can be beneficial, how it can be implemented in the organization and how a management organization can be put in place.

What can we achieve and what are our focus areas?

Typical SOA deliverables include:

  • Investigating the need for recyclable services, which services can be a common service and which ones are more specific.
  • Setting up frameworks, standards and documentation for describing, implementing and managing services.
  • Producing design, and developing and deploying services in different platforms and system solutions.
  • Producing frameworks for SOA management in relation to the organization, work processes and key figures, as well as in relation to which tools are to be used for management support.

How do we work?

Service-oriented architecture has become an established architectural pattern. Ferrologic has practical experience from both integration competence centers and from projects aimed at determining what works and what merely adds complexity in relation to service-orientation.

Ferrologic has worked for several large organizations within banking and finance, retail trade and telecommunications on assignments related to setting up service-oriented architecture, implementation and management.