Business Intelligence

Why is the service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Ferrologic has vast practical experience in helping customers with efficient data and information supply. From a Swedish perspective, we have unique understanding of business integration, data integration and business intelligence. Our counterparts at the companies we help are either business and/or technical managers.

What can we achieve and what are our focus areas?

We always work in an operations-driven manner and in very close cooperation with the customer. We have vast experience in paving the way for innovation, efficiency and swiftness using modern working methods, forms of cooperation and technical aids.

  • Paddify™ your BI – Lift your BI to iPad/iPhone
  • Operative BI. Including real-time data in BI solution
  • BA strategy
  • Competence center (BICC and ICC)
  • Modeling solutions data warehouse
  • Project management, DW/BI specific
  • Procurement support
  • Statistical and analytical services
  • Courses: Applied Business Analytics, step 1 and 2
  • Additional Resources Integration/ETL/BI/BA

Our tool expertise is primarily within SAS®Software, MicroStrategy, Roambi, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft

How do we work?

Our BI team consists of very senior, business-driven consultants who are comfortable in the borderland between the customer’s business operations and practical IT. We also constantly work to develop and share our know-how. This results in a strong team that continuously generates new knowledge and that is passionate about sharing that knowledge both internally and externally to customers and the industry. We find working this way gratifying.