Why is the IoT service necessary and for whom is it intended?

Internet of things holds the promise to cut cost, increase sales and engage customers in new ways.

Ferrologic help our customers succeed in their new digital ecosystems by:

– facilitating business improvement and innovation

– developing business through smart ways of connecting and creating value out of information.

– designing and building the faster, connected, data driven and analytical enterprise, transforming both organization and architecture

– enabling the enterprise and the business entity in their new digital ecosystems

What can we achieve and what are our focus areas?

Well functioning IoT solutions that are integrated business and IT wise are the result of our services. Our focus areas covers the following:

Integration of Things:
– IoT solution architecture, micro-services-architectures
– IoT protocols, standards
– Device connectivity, API and hybrid integration

Information of Things:
– Information and business modelling for IoT-based services
– Master data management of IoT information
– Information governance of big data

Intelligence of Things
– Analytic life cycle – from model design to real-time execution, model management
– Visual analytics, real-time analytics

Platform and Tool Experience
– Cumulocity from Software AG
– Azure IoT

Cloud Infrastructure Expertise on AWS and Azure

How do we work with IoT?

Ferrologic place our services within an IoT framework when delivering IoT work. In the framework we bring both consultancy services, methods, solutions and tools to clients who want to accelerate their IoT adoption in areas like:

– IoT business solutions services – track & trace, condition based maintenance, supply chain visibility, machine usage visualization . . .

– IoT analytical services – edge analytics, streaming analytics, visual analytics, pattern detection, alerts

– IoT connectivity services – application integration, api management, device integration, process integration, hybrid integration . . .

– IoT cloud infrastructure – cloud hosted environments for applications and data

– Devices – devices management for individual devices as well as machines

– Enterprise applications – integration of solutions for ERP, CRM, MDM, PLM and more

– IoT Portal – portal allowing customers / partners to access IoT information

On selected IoT technology stacks we also design, build and operate entire IoT solutions.