MicroStrategy is a leading supplier of software for business intelligence (BI) and mobile solutions. MicroStrategy allows users to analyze information in various data sources such as SAP Hana, OLAP cubes, Excel files and Hadoop clusters, through various channels such as the Internet and mobile devices.

MicroStrategy is one of the few independent providers in the BI field, and the company developed its software entirely from the ground up. The architecture is based on a central metadata repository, which means a report can easily be distributed to users via a web portal, a mobile solution or as an attachment to an e-mail without needing to be developed in several different variants. MicroStrategy primarily distinguishes itself with its mobile solutions, which are among the absolute best in the market.

Ferrologic has worked with MicroStrategy at several companies in several different industries. We have reviewed MicroStrategy’s existing solutions, held in-house courses for customers in report development, and developed and managed BI solutions, which also include mobile solutions.